Bodyweight Wokrouts & Exercises - Use our mix + match system to create hundreds, thousands of exciting sessions

Discover: The Easiest way to inject Fun into your workouts so that your Clients stay Married To Your Bootcamp & Rave About You Everywhere They Go

If you want to create an amazing atmosphere at your Bootcamp, turn your clients into raving fans AND spend less time coming up with ideas then read on.

You know just as well as I do, the success of your personal training business hinges on your ability to create amazing experiences – the kind that clients spread to their entire network.

Your competency as a personal trainer depends on your ability to design unique, effective workout routines for your clients that provide an exceptional experience they just don’t get anywhere else.

I’m going to reveal to you how you can easily start creating and growing your dream fitness tribe today and give you immediate access to fulfilling your most important personal training goals.

Before I do that, let me introduce myself.

Sean McCrory - Author, Bodyweight Workouts & ExercisesI’m Sean McCrory, Founder and Owner of Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises.

I have many years experience as a fitness professional, including as a fitness trainer and with extensive bodyweight training experience. I’ve logged countless hours of training with men and women, young and old, beginners to advanced athletes, all using my unique style of bodyweight training. I’ve been able to build upon this accumulated knowledge and experience to create the Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises system. I have used this system to easily and dramatically grow my business to one of the biggest boot camps in Western Australia, with minimal extra effort.

I didn’t start off like this. I used to struggle and spend hours trying to come up with awesome new exercises and routines to impress my clients. I used to painstakingly go back over old sessions to make sure I wasn't being repetitive. I was stressed out having to put so much effort in to impress my clients and it really took away the love and passion I have for what I do. When I couldn't come up with a great new workout off the top of my head it left me feeling down, overwhelmed and sometimes not good enough as a trainer.

That’s when I realised was sitting on a goldmine of crucial information. I had spent years trialling hundreds of new and old exercises and workouts and I had a thorough, comprehensive knowledge of what was most effective and what gave my clients the best possible experience that kept them coming back for more. I realised that if I used my advanced knowledge and extensive first hand experience I could create a huge, easy to access arsenal of the absolute best bodyweight exercises and workouts out there.

Last year, for the first time, body-weight training topped a list of fitness trends in an annual survey of more than 3,800 fitness professionals. I realised that this was a powerful trend that was not going away and I realised I knew how to help others build their dream fitness business out of it.

At last the pressure and stress I felt I was under to produce awesome new workouts for my clients was finally over. That is what I now want to share with you so that you can also reach your true potential in this industry.

Introducing my Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises System.

First, lets look at how Bodyweight Training is dominating the fitness world today.

A new breed of athlete is emerging. If you’ve ever wondered how guys who work exclusively at the park on monkey bars and benches get so ripped without going to the gym, this is the answer.

Do-anywhere, gym-optional, equipment-free workouts for all fitness levels are exploding in popularity for good reason—they work. ‘Stop lifting and start living’ is becoming the mantra for a new generation of fitness enthusiasts.

No longer satisfied with being defined by how much they can lift at the gym, bodyweight athletes prefer to focus on challenging their body to fight gravity. Their body becomes their gym and their resistance...

And Here Are Some Of The (Reputation Boosting) Benefits To You And Your Clients 

Here are the reasons why I fell in love with Bodyweight Training:Bodyweight Workouts & Exercises eBook available now for only $49

  • Variety: Access to a massive variety of strength/cardio based exercises (200 and counting), so that you can get your clients the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

  • Adaptability - Exercise progressions (exercise library) from beginner to high level advanced, giving you absolute confidence that each one of your clients is training at an intensity that is right for them.

  • Credibility: You'll finally have a proven Bodyweight Training System that is built on a solid base of methodology, physiology and science.....So you can avoid flinging random workouts together that get poor results.

  • Convenience: Dip in and out of arguably the most exciting workout material to hit the bootcamp industry (see Leon's & Kyle's testimonial below) meaning you can be the trainer/business that everybody's talking about.

  • Affordability: Detailed and 'super simple' to explain bodyweight exercises, so you don't need to spend out on expensive equipment............ (plus my epic library of exercises
    get's updated regularly so you don't have to waste time searching
    you tube, it's all in one convenient place)

Are you ready to Gain a HUGE advantage over other Bootcamp Instructors?

Are you ready to join the handful of progressive personal trainers out there who have learnt out how to run a highly profitable, popular outdoor fitness business without having to do any extra work?

If so, my Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises package is the answer.

I’m giving you the tools so that YOU can deliver really fun workouts to your clients. Why is this important?

Because if you don't make it fun and interesting, your clients won't stick around long. (There are plenty of other options available).

Here’s what I’m giving you today:

200 Bodyweight exercises from our video library

Exercise video library valued at $19Access everything in one place without wasting time on you tube.


200 (10 second) bodyweight exercise videos so you can inject a huge amount of variation into each workout, meaning your clients will never lose interest and leave.

Here’s what you get:

✓ 50 Upper Body
✓ 50 Lower Body
✓ 50 Core
✓ 50 Cardio exercises

It’s so simple, you just run your curser over the exercise and click.

The best part is we haven’t included any run-of-the-mill exercises like Push Ups, Squats, Crunches or otherwise ‘normal’ exercises that all fitness professionals already know and use.

These exercises are different and many of them have been specifically designed by the team here at Bodyweight Workouts, so you get peace of mind knowing you will have fresh and unique exercises to use, every time.

15 Mix + Match workouts

Mix + Match Workouts valued at $19Includes:

✓ 15 Circuits all planned and ready to go so you can save the precious time and energy you would normally spend brainstorming.

✓ They are designed for ALL fitness levels so no more time wasted planning different workouts for different fitness levels.

✓ Flexible circuit times ranging from 10mins to 45mins so you can easily incorporate them into any session and adapt them to suit any circumstances.

PLUS When you include the 200 Exercises from the video library with the 15 Circuits you get our unique ‘Mix and Match’ system.

This innovative ‘Mix & Match’ system gives you, the trainer, the opportunity to create thousands of unique sessions simply by changing the circuit and the exercises as often as you like. All the hard work is already done for you so you can easily inject that fun and excitement into the session that keeps your clients coming back. It doesn’t get any easier than that! This will literally save you hours upon hours of work.


10 Game sessions

Games Sessions valued at $15Includes:

✓ 10 Games sessions guaranteed to bring your clients closer together and build those crucial long term bonds so you can build a strong tribe of loyal fans.

✓ All sessions have been inspired by popular board games, TV shows, quizzes and family games so you can rest assured they will all be familiar and fun for your clients.

✓ All tried and tested sessions like Family Feud / Name That Tune / Charades / Movie Quotes and much more. These will allow you to easily foster that team spirit vibe so crucial to the success of your business.

These sessions have made the number one contribution to my business and are ALWAYS fantastic team builders. They will save you time and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have something ready to go.

Every Friday night I run one of these sessions and between 30-40 clients attend. Keeping it fun and entertaining is the key to creating an amazing experience.

5 Full workout session plans

5 Complete Workouts valued at $9Includes:

✓ 5 of my very best (tried and tested) full 1 hour workouts, so that you'll always have an incredible workout at hand or a plan 'b' for when your head feels fuzzy and you’re short on ideas.

✓ There is absolutely NOTHING for you to do - just print it off and go with the peace of mind that you have a professional, popular and crowd pleasing workout with you.

These are my TOP 5 sessions, as voted by my clients.

Don’t just believe me, here is what some of the top market leaders in the fitness industry have to say about the Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises System:

Leon Melnicenko, Owner of Unique Bootcamp Workouts"Sean, you've hit the nail on the head with your latest creation, it ticks all the boxes and more.

See, it's fun, challenging & memorable team based workouts like these, that are 'hands down' the easiest way to create a web of intrigue and a huge buzz around your business.

Great job!"

"I love the workouts and drills Sean sends me. They are always popular with my clients. When he told me he was putting together an entire ebook of them them I knew it would be good and it doesn't disappoint! This is a great book to add to your exercise library."

Buy now, with 100% money back guarantee 

So how much for this incredible Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises Package including 3 x e-books AND the video library?

So What's Your Investment for this incredible Bodyweight Workouts and Exercise System? Including 3 x e-books AND My Extensive & Continuously Updates video library?

The normal price to buy all 4 separately is $62.

But today? You can get all 4 for just $24.99.

Why just $24.99? Because I want this top resource to reach as many trainers as humanly possible. And Just think, for the price of a few cocktails, you can have this incredible resource all to yourself to draw inspiration from for the rest of your fitness career.

(now tell me that's not a bargain)

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button and you’ll be taken to a secure order page. All you have to do is enter your standard details and you’ll have instant access to your complete Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises Package, plus an email confirmation from me.

Normal price to buy all 4 separately = $62, buy all 4 today for only $49

Get all 4 today for only $24.99 Buy now, with 100% money back guarantee 

I'm so confident that my 3 part e-book AND video library package will help you easily and dramatically grow your business that I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee.

Buy now, with 100% money back guarantee 

But that’s not all, I’m also so confident that you haven't seen any of these circuits or workouts before that if you have I'll replace it with another circuit completely free of charge.

As well as receiving this entire package for only $24.99, you'll also receive these fantastic bonuses.

✓ ‘Print and Go’ system – Designed in A4 so you can print it off and take it straight to your session so there is no more stress when you’re running short on ideas.

✓ Step by Step Guide – An easy to understand explanation of the workout from start to finish which leaves you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is clear and easily understood.

✓ Hints & Tips –

To give you some new and exciting ideas to mix things up so that you always have a reliable way to instantly inject fun and excitement into your sessions.

✓ Recommended exercises to use – My personal recommendations for exercises to use in the ‘Mix & Match’ workouts. Enjoy the satisfaction of having the best possible combinations available in the palm of your hand 24/7.

Remember you’re getting all of this today for just $24.99, all you have to do is hit the Buy Now button below.

Here’s to the start of your journey injecting fun into your workouts and creating the fitness tribe of your dreams with minimal extra effort.

Buy now, with 100% money back guarantee 

P.S - Don’t forget - What do all the successful outdoor bootcamp businesses have in common?

They keep their clients guessing with fresh, exciting sessions and they build loyal tribes through focussed team building and genuine camaraderie.

Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises gives you the tools to do this with your business AND easily expand and grow your outdoor bootcamp tribe. I guarantee it.

P.P.S Finally: Now you can avoid wasted time searching the net for new ideas, and re-using the same workouts and exercises that your clients have already seen. You're about to gain instant access to thousands of 'client thrilling' workouts and exercises that your clients will love to talk about.

P.P.S: Just to recap, here's everything you get

  • 200 Unique (10 second) bodyweight exercise videos
  • 15 mix and max workouts
  • 5 full 1 hour workouts
  • 10 'little known' games
  • Lifetime (video library) updates

Here’s what you do next…

Click the Buy Now button below and you’ll be taken to our secure payment page. All you have to do is enter your regular details to complete your investment today.

Get all 4 today for only $24.99

Buy now, with 100% money back guarantee 

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